Windows Vista/Win 7 “Com Surrogate has Stopped Working”

If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 and you see this error, it is because you have DIvX and Nero Installed on your Computer. The Culprit is usually Nero, it’s codecs Hailli Splitter clash with DivX’s FFDSHOW codec.

The Cause
WHen browsing through folders that contain Media Files as Thumbnails, the DLLHOST.EXE file engages the Codec FFDSHOW, to generate the thumbnails, while at the same time, Nero Detects that your about to do something with a Media File and starts the Media Hub, Nero Home and burn ready agent.

The Resolution

Never Fear, Joe is here and we will stop this from happening in a safe way that won’t hurt your pc, what we will do is stop the Windows System File from asking what Codec to use and clashing, so in other words stop pre-empting what i want to do when browsing Media Files in folders.

Ok Pay attention ..
with this fix that might solve the problem in a much easier way. Essentially, turning off Data Execution Prevention on dllhost (the COM surrogate) can fix this problem for some people. This solution is detailed below.

Right click on Computer, and choose Properties

Click on Advanced System Settings, and then under Advanced, click Settings

Select the “Data Execution Protection” tab, and then click “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select

Click on the Add button,

and then browse to C:\Windows\System32\dllhost.exe as shown to save time just type in the letters DL and it will jump to it, select it and hit okay

Click Open, and then OK, the com surrogate should now be selected in the added list, now hit apply at the bottom, a notification message will appear, (it it okay to hit the [ok] button as we aren’t changing any other file but the com surrogate, so don’t worry about the windows message that was written as it’s a default standard message.

Here’s what you should see…

Hitting the okay button will ask for a restart possibly.

Now you can browse video folders without problems!…..Problem Solved

If you have done this and still are getting Com Surrogate errors when looking through media files, then it also has an issue with reproducing thumbnails for an associated program, on Win 7 and Vista, the thumbnail usually shows a snapshot of the first frame of the video file, on the bottom right hand corner of the video thumbnail it has a signet of what program the file is associated too, (what the file will open and play in) It can be Media Player, Media Centre, or Nero Showtime, and this is what is fighting and clashing on your pc that is also causing the com Surrogate error.
Your Pc is fighting with it’s default program, and another program wants to take over it’s association and run these types of files.

So…Heres What you do

First Method

1.Click Start.
2.In the Search Box type CMD
3.Right click on the Command Prompt icon.
4.Click Run as Administrator.
5.In the Command Prompt black window type ir highlight this formula here and right click and paste it at the command prompt: regsvr32 %windir%/System32/vbscript.dll and hit Enter.
6.The system will return with the following message: DLL Register Server in C:\Windows\System32/vbscript.dll has been successful.
7.Now click Start.
8.Click Computer on the right.
9.For Vista and XP Click Folder and Search. with WIN 7 just go to organise and folder options
10.Click the View tab.
11.Tick Always show icons never thumbnails.
12. Apply and ok
Doing this will definitely stop the com surrogate error, you wont see the snapshot Photoframe thumbnail of the movie anymore, just the type of file, like avi, mpeg etc etc …if you want to restore the thumbnails again, search for win7 media codec pack and install this again, doing this will re install the codecs and associations and make windows its default thumbnail viewer again and overwrite Nero’s pesky Media hub in Nero 19 or Nero Showtime defaults any more. you can get the file from Here:


2 thoughts on “Windows Vista/Win 7 “Com Surrogate has Stopped Working””

  1. I followed all the instruction when i try to add the file i get an error “You can not set DEP attributes on 64 bit executables. What else can i do.

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