Playing MKV Files On Media Player and media Centre


Some issues with Playing MKV (Blue Ray Files) on Windows Media Player and Windows Media Centre The Video Plays Fine but the Language contained in the MKV File cannot be selected in Windows Media Player or Media Centre, the file is usually played using the first Audio Language embedded which is usually Italian then German English is usually the 3rd.

So when playing an MKV File The players automaticly start playing in Italian Audio Soundtrack.

As everybody knows you can’t select Audio Languages in Windows Media Player nor Windows Media Centre, you can only select Subtitles and DVD Menu Defaults to English, But !!!…Not The Audio Language !!

Also DivX claims to be able to do so with MKV Files in Playing them in DivX Plus Player, well it can see the Audio Launguage and you can select them but Divx reproduces a tapered white noise reproduction Of the Audio, DivX Technicians are fully aware of this and are not making any comments to thier overlooked failure.

So my Friends after many many downloads, trials and Installations and deletions.

I have found that the only 100% Player compatible that won’t insert its own Codecs and ruin Media Centres Operation for other Files is a stand alone Media Player especially for MKV Files and can change Language Audio no problem is the DAPLAYER yes it is very well known in the Entertainment industry for Editing and Playing HD VIDEO files, Here at The TV Studio i work at it is used to view Forign Overseas News Items on HD. whats even better is that it actually Converts the MKV File to a VOB or Mpeg 2 File if you wish.

This DA PLAYER IS ABSOLUTELY FREE and is Available freely on the internet.


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