Remastering The Legends

Part of what i do is Remaster all those old classic films as they are now fading fast, amongst those are such classic Television Shows like Lost In Space, Batman, and Starsky and hutch,  along with boxes of reel to reel tapes of master recordings.

Not Only is it a thrill to remaster these classics Audio, Music and soundtracks, it is awesome to be working with the legends of the silver screen in a way they have never been seen before… High Resolution HD.

One Particular hard one was “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” (1963)

it’s original Master was starting to fade, and lose all of it’s technicolor quality, a problem that was not foreseen back in the 50’s and 60’s.REMASTERING before2

Remastering a Cinemascope  feature like this film, has proved both thrilling and exciting to do. colour mapping is required on keyframes to correct the colour frame by frame quite tedious but well worth it.



REMASTERING before4leaving only the best quality in not only HD 1920x1080p

but also for future in “Ultra High Definition” which is actually a derivation of the 4K digital cinema standard.  4096 x 2160

which leaves an awesome Result

MAD WORLD HDNot only does the picture look fantastic, but so does the audio,

Take for instance “Beach Blanket Bingo” (1964)

(Original screen shot)

beach bingo Musical films like these have never been heard before in their original lossless HD DTS Remastered Version


Take a look at this rendition to compare from a modified for Television Print containing a mono soundtrack, to the new Remastered version in this Comparison Video below.

Be Sure to look out for all your Favorite Classics coming your way with more and more being restored everyday.


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