Story on : Cecil The Lion Is Hardy Har Har

Sick to death seeing Media carrying on about this Game Hunt Story..Cecil the Lion and this Dentist ..

Cecil in this clip could not be protected as there was no good boundary on the East of Hwange National Park. If the Gwayi conservancy was left for photographic safaris only and run by National parks, the chances are that the game population would increase, Hwange National park would not be under threat, it would help to combat any future rhino poaching, would create the potential to make more money in the Gwayi, more jobs, and access to some great areas for the public. When the Gwayi Shangani dam is built there will be further photographic opportunities, boating and fishing. All this will contribute to the tourist industry of Zimbabwe, great for wildlife and people. Alternatively the land holders in the Gwayi should be encouraged to not hunt and grow the area as an amazing photographic area , This Video below is Cecil The king Of The Jungle taken by  Tourists before he was shot.

Many Celebs in the past year have paid to go to these Private Game Hunt Parks who purchase and supply Wild Animals to be game hunted on their private property at these game parks and charge a motza for the highest bidder to come over and act like some big game hunter wanker in a time limited and space limited Estate, these animals have no chance….

(Rebecca Francis, host of American TV show Eye of the Hunter, claims … by tweeting a picture of a woman smiling while lying next to a giraffe she had killed)

Rebecca-FrancisIt takes no skill or strength for “trophy” hunters – what a ghastly term! – to track down and kill these beautiful animals. Having been hand-reared by humans, they are accustomed to our presence. Heartbreakingly, it’s not uncommon for animals to trot trustingly toward canned hunters for a handout of food. Because these animals are usually kept in fenced enclosures (ranging in size from just a few square yards to thousands of acres), they never stand a chance of escaping, fighting back or surviving, and many endure prolonged, painful deaths.’Rebecca-Francis-Is-Under-Fire-After-Giraffe-Hunt1And just recently this Dentist was caught out Hunting a Lion  a protected Lion Named Cecil and everyone is doing backflips about it now… 

1438162825165(Pictured Hunter Wankers   Dentist Walter James Palmer, left, with another lion he killed) 

HEY they hunt Giraffes on these estates..and practically anything found on the Estate for a price, it’s a turkey shoot…and what sickens me is that the Zimbabwe Authorities take a nice under the table percentage of this Game Hunt Business, and Watching the Zimbabwe Authorities say on the news they want justice is a joke…

.why don’t everyone just stop carrying on about this and shaft and shutdown the privately owned Game Parks here they won’t because they have some sleazy official taking a percentage of profit from the park to turn a blind eye that’s why. if the Govt made these parks Illegal you wouldn’t have this problem and everything would be controlled…..or better still…Africa is the only Country that makes a profit from Safari Hunting it’s animals….maybe a worldwide condemnation to stop Safari Game Hunting is about due before there is no more Animals left…..the stupid wankers they are.



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