CotopaxiThe SS Cotopaxi was a cargo ship of 2,351 Tonnes. She was built by the Great Lakes Engineering Works, Ecorse, Michigan,  in 1918 for the Clinchfield Navigation Company.

Cotopaxi was 253 feet (77 m) long between perpendiculars, with a beam of 44 feet (13 m). Her steam engine could propel her at 9.5 knots (17.6 km/h).

Final voyage

On 29 November 1925, Cotopaxi departed Charleston, South Carolina, for Havana, Cuba, under the command of Captain W. J. Meyer. She was carrying a cargo of coal and a crew of 32.

On 1 December 1925,  at 3:20pm on a clear day, Cotopaxi radioed a distress call  reporting that the ship was listing and taking on Water for no apparent reason, also reported was that radio and compass’ onboard  the ship were irregular, and the signalman messaged that a strange purple cloud began to vortex ahead in the ships path,  minutes later  the ship started an SOS call,  then followed by broken radio contact, The last plotted  location of the Cotopaxi was 45 nautical Miles South West Of Cuba,  the region to which we now refer to as The Bermuda Triangle, The ship was officially listed as overdue on 31 December and never seen again.

Despite the last radio transmission indicating that the ship was about to sink, she has since been connected to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. and was also mentioned again in the Fiction Film “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”  (1977) .  close-encounters-of-the-third-kind-mobile-wallpaper

In the  film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Cotopaxi is discovered,located in the Gobi Desert, apparently suggested it was placed there by a large UFO.


This Was the last time the Cotopaxi was ever thought of again,

On May 10th 2015 at early dawn,  a cargo ship “The Angostura”  manned by Captain leonidas, made it’s way down through the Patagonian Channel near  Chile.


A Desolate, Cold  and Vast Channel some 400 km’s long South of the Brazilian Continent frequently navigated by ships on Route through To Panama,  and The Falkland Islands, and mostly trails the Coastline of the Andes Mountains.

navimag-patagonian-channels-route-map-englishJust as Captain leonidas entered the end of the Channel at “PUNTA ARENAS”  the furthest opening to the Atlantic Ocean,

he  saw another vessel slowly emerging out of the distant early morning fog some  600 meters ahead coming out of the channel towards him heading towards the Atlantic Ocean, he signaled, to which the other ship made no response,


As the oncoming ship came closer, it became apparent to Capt Leonidas that this vessel coming straight for him was in a peculiar appearance and state and the shaded grey image of the vessel  became more ominous as it approached and it’s appearance became even  more detailed,  it was a Wreck !!,  Capt Leonidas Could Not Stop his ship, all he could do was steer clear of it as it passed, the channel is quite deep and wide enough to do so.


While This Ghost ship passed by, in the desolate Patagonian Channel Capt Leonidas grabbed his Camera and snapped a few shots of the Rusty hulk. .. It Was The SS COTOPAXI .



Where had it emerged from all these years, how did it remain afloat after signalman in 1925 reported it’s sinking, and what happened to it’s crew?

The SS Cotopaxi was identified, slowly hung around for a day or so long enough for other interested parties to also take photos of the ship,though which soon trailed out to the Atlantic Ocean eventually continuing it’s Ghostly Voyage and  disappearing a few days later not since been reported by any other vessel, just as it had remained unseen for 90 years since it’s disappearance in 1925.

Experts have compared the original photos of the ship, to those taken by Capt. Leonidas and others that it’s structure, masts, and build are identical.


For more on The Bermuda Triangle and it’s dissapearances go here

Thanks for Reading More To Follow…the best is yet to come

Joe Simiana








( What you have just read is a fictionalization Story based very lightly on true events, by Me ..Joe Simiana. it was written as an experiment and posted on facebook to determine just how many people share and post this as fact without reading the fine print. The Actual Ship is the Bajo Cotopaxi which ran aground in the 1972 in this Channel and is now mounted with a light house beacon to ward off the weary Sailor from shallow rocky grounds) Be Careful What you share on facebook folks…lol…i had you for a minute there didn’t i?)


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