Audio Static on music mp3 Windows

Some people have messaged me with help to Audio Song files playing back static Audio on their laptops and computers,


Most commonly  they state that “it used to play and work before, when all of a sudden it plays static in Windows Media Player”.

it’s not just windows based operating Systems that are having the issue, it also effects Mac Pc’s as well.


There is a simple and quick solution to this problem, whether it be a DVD , Movie File, or music mp3 that is playing static….the reason this is happening is because you may have downloaded and installed a new codec pack or…98% of the cause is you’ve downloaded some other program that handles media files,  and during the install it would have asked you the associations to give it permissions to handle Audio Visual playing files.

in other words, your favorite Media player is no longer the default player.

Some players like quicktime, and 5k Player, divx player, and Windows Media classic do take over your associations to play Audio and Visual Files after you install them.

for instance if you go into Windows Media Player you can check these to try to play those filetypes or not.


so you may want to check out the preferences and options on other players you have, otherwise your Player programs will fight over who owns that particular filetype you see.  you can’t have two player programs assigned to the same kind of file….this causes your PC to act as a mediator between the two programs, and will try to play the file without the audio codec assigned to it.

and you will usually experience some sort of static audio, possibly even a delay and an error of some kind, depending on what version of Windows or Mac you are using it will be a different kind of error message, mine says this if i have the filetype asociation for lets say i want to play Al Cailoa mp3 song, the default Song player for mp3 is  set to itunes Quicktime player and if i try to play this mp3 in windows media  player this will happen……


…..because the file type associations (or MIMES) for Mp3 are set to Quicktime player on my Pc….and not Windows Media Player, so my Pc tries to gain access to the Audio codec for Windows Media player but fails.


The reason your experiencing static is  for example:  Your normal Movie file player was Windows media player, but it couldn’t play Mp4 files  so, you downloaded another player that could,   then you go back to playing music on your Windows media player and find out it now plays static on your music Mp3’s….thats because the Audio codec is no longer the default to windows media player. but moreso the new player you downloaded is now.


What you do, 4 things you can choose to do…..

1) simply uninstall the new Player you downloaded,  thus reversing Audio codecs back to the original default player, the way it was.


2) choose which Preferred player you want to keep as your main audio and video player, as both programs are fighting over whos going to play it in your system,  another thing that can happen is your Media Player is still open and running  using the Audio codec engaged all the time,  to tell it to let go of it…go to “start manager”   hit CNTRL   and ALT  and DELETE  buttons at the same time, select Task Manager  and shut off the process…eg:   Windows media player is WMPLAYER.EXE …right click it and select “end task”…End Process”…or “End Process tree”…..then try opening your music again.

default player2

3)….or…shutdown the player in task manager that is giving you the problem everytime when your playing files and experiencing static audio and try playing the file again, though this can be annoying and could cause you to forget and click on the file again some time later deafening you with amplified static. so it’s best to do step 4) below .

really, all the problem is,… is that two programs running on your computer are engaging the audio codec and one needs to let go of it.

try doing that in Task Manager  and rethink which player you really want to be the default player…you can’t have two, if you want one player to play movies and the other player to play songs….assiciate them to do that….it’s very easy…

4) just go to the file your trying to play”right click”  on the file you want where it is stored , select properties, and change it to open in a program you want to be the default player like so.

note   at the bottom of the “OPEN WITH” pop up (See BELOW) there is the option to tick “ALWAYS USE….”   or not…i would only tick  that when you are happy and tested it out first. default player


…select apply and ok…and everytime you select a song…player 1  will play them mp3,wma, wav.. etc…..and for a movie…player 2 will play those file types only…Avi, Mp4,Mov, Mkv, etc etc..

this should release the programs fighting over who owns the audio Codec and you should be easily back into enjoying your files again in no time.


Joe Simiana



One thought on “Audio Static on music mp3 Windows”

  1. One Other thing, you have your equalizer and WOW settings set too high…use equalizer or WOW settings…try not to use WOW settings too high and bass on Equalizer up too high…this will fix the problem…..or turn off one or the other.

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