Question: Can i Remove the Nero AG and Nero NCC Files to stop it connecting with the Nero Server 3rd party Verification??

YOU CANT , REMOVING NERO AG AND nero ncc  will only void your installation and screw with the keys in the registry on your pc, any Nero product uses this file to verify itself before use, if its not there, nero wont work, and entering serials  (That you are obtaining from the Internet) also has to go through nero AG and Nero NCC before it is accepted via the internet, if you block its internet connection Nero wont work either.  the Nero Programs need the registry key that tells Nero Ag and Ncc your version is legitimate, the registry keys are in regedit nothing to do with nero control center…
thats the registry key you need to have to make things work, though unless you know someone with a true Nero 10 Platinum Paid for Version on their Pc and you copy the registry keys from
That would be the only way to get a full version of Nero 10.
also if you enter too many keys to Nero 10 Serial entry, your Installation will be voided, and you need to uninstall the whole product and start again, remember though, you need to also remove the registry keys from regedit and delete all Nero keys before you install it again, otherwise just re installing Nero again will still find the wrong keys in the registry and again void your product.

so stop downloading keygens, its a waste of time,  as soon as Nero Ag connects to the nero server with an already used serial, it automatically becomes blacklisted, and your nero product will ask for a shutdown and Keychange and overwrite the registry keys in regedit, then the next time you use or Open Nero you can’t even get in.  
  The Nero Ag never connected to the internet to verify with all versions of nero until Nero 9…your best bet is see if you can locate a version of Nero 8 Ultra, and enter all the serials you like for it, Nero 8 bever verified itself over the web, it was a standalone install.